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“An energetic, engaging show that captured the children’s imaginations"

Last week we had some fantastic feedback from Tavistock Infant School, where we ran our moon-landing coding workshop before Easter.

One of the Year 1 teachers said:

“An energetic, engaging show that captured the children’s imaginations whilst expanding their knowledge of coding.”

That's exactly what we're aiming for!

We were also delighted to hear this from one of the pupils who took part:

“It’s fun because you can learn about what it would be like to program a real robot.”

These are the things that inspire young people to look at all sorts of different interests in other ways, and have the curiosity to try to understand how it all works.

Can’t wait for our next shows coming soon to inspire and encourage more children in digital technology. If you, your school, your business or your place of work are interested in helping with our mission, please do get in touch.

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