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Careers in STEM: 3D Printing Engineers

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

A thing of science fiction a mere 40 (or so) years ago, prototypes of 3D printers were emerging in the 1980s. Advancements in technology, and computer design software, saw the first commercially available 3D printer launch in 2006.

And since then, demand for 3D printed items has been on the increase with products being used in a wide range of industries including in the world of biomedical prosthetics and wearable tech.

And, as result of this growth the demand for 3D Printing Engineers is also on the up!

Get with the Program inspire the tech innovators for the future digital skills job market

A degree level engineering education will be needed for some roles with others requiring experience in chemical sciences and biotechnology. However, the world of 3D printing also requires graphic designers, animators and model makers to develop prototypes of products. This is a lucrative industry that sees the arts and sciences come together! There's a reason sometime people add an 'A' to the term STEM and make it STEAM! The 'A' is for Arts!

We discuss current and future roles in our Coding Adventures which helps children understand context behind the activities. During our in-person or virtual shows, we have a captivated audience, some of whom will fulfil roles such as a 3D Printing Engineer or product designer and we see it as our role to inspire and encourage these tech innovators of the future!

Learn more about our Coding Adventures:

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