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Get with the Program partner with LetsLocalise

World Environment Day is the perfect day to announce that we have embarked on a wonderful environmental collaboration with LetsLocalise, an organisation who specialises in supporting schools looking to find corporate funding for both their every day costs and their enrichment activities!

AL the Robot and 'Professor' Trice from Get with the Program high five in front of a graphical representation of the earth. Above them the LetsLocalise and Get with the Program logos and below the URL:

Through the ideal combination of their innovative Green Skills Programme and our AL's Eco Coding Adventure, together we will provide schools with engaging resources for young children to develop skills, knowledge, abilities and attitudes needed to live in a sustainable and resource-efficient society.

Our coding adventure, which can be run virtually or as an in-person live experience, teaches primary school children how computing can help save the planet focused on reducing waste whilst shopping, and is aligned with the computing National Curriculum. This adventure helps students combine their concerns for the environment with problem-solving using computing and fulfils elements of Climate Education alongside Sustainable Career Development.

We can't wait to get started working with LetsLocalise on our eco-mission - and hope you will join us too!

Here are the links to sign up through their wonderful platform:

Corporate sponsorship of AL's Eco Coding Adventure:

School engagement with AL's Eco Coding Adventure:

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