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International Women's Day

· 8 March · International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate influential women past, present and future and at Get with the Program we’d like to celebrate women who choose to use their creative spark within technology. We’d like to celebrate the historic coding trailblazers, like Ada Lovelace, who is attributed as having created the first computer program in 1842. We’d like to celebrate those who are trying to encourage women and equality in technology today, including Gill Cooke at STEMConnext, and our team at Get with the Program (who are all working mums who fit all the other jobs in around doing an amazing job for us). Finally, we’d like to celebrate the women tech innovators of the future - the female students who we wish to inspire through our exciting tech learning events. We hope to encourage them to take their places as equal partners in the creative tech futures awaiting them. Get with the Program: inspiring today’s students to become the tech innovators of the future.

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