Our Eco Coding show has been designed with remote delivery and COVID-19 safety in mind, so the show can go on!

Are you interested in booking our Virtual Eco Coding show and activities for your Spring or Summer term schedule?

We recognise that pupils have been missing out on visits and activities in school and so we are pleased to be able to help.  Recently, we have successfully delivered our new COVID-19 safe Eco Coding shows into schools and the rest of the term is now booked up.

Following the success of our Coding Assemblies, we are happy to now be able to deliver a completely remote, non-contact version of the show to your school with follow up activities learning activity to embed the learning that can be run by the teachers.  We have received the most incredible feedback for our Eco Coding ‘TV show’ from the classrooms - the children and teachers LOVED IT!

Each event includes:

  • Access to our awesome and informative 25-minute ‘TV show’ about waste reduction and coding, suitable for KS1 and KS2 (ages 5-11).

  • Full lesson plans and teacher planning support.  This can be for a choice of age-appropriate follow up activities to embed the learning, and an additional fun homework questionnaire.

  • COVID-19 safe resources to help run the planned activities for up to three classes, delivered directly to your school - in time for them to be quarantined for 72 hours before the event day itself.

We are already taking bookings for the Spring Term, so please book early in order to secure a convenient date, as slots are filling up quickly. 

Please contact us on to book now!

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Al the Robot costume by Louise Walker

Photos kindly taken by Rachel Riley Photography

Al the Robot initial design by Ben Podd