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Permission for Photographic and Film Imagery

Dear All,

Thank you for being part of our initiative!​

As you may know, our mission is to inspire today’s students to become the tech innovators of the future. During the events we run there is often opportunity for filming and photography. This imagery is used for educational and promotional content on our website, social media and other materials for Get with the Program, the visited schools, and our corporate sponsors.

To help us to do this, we would love to use some of the photos and/or videos of you if you are captured, and so we would be grateful if you could complete this form.

Please note that your name will not be published unless you give separate permission.

We would be delighted if you would give us your permission for imagery use below.

Permission for use of Imagery

Please see Get with the Program’s Privacy Notice

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Thank you for giving us permission to use your image

for educational and promotional purposes.

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