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How can I walk the talk?
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​Nadia Edwards-Dashti’s book, “FinTech Women Walk the Talk” discusses how we can make a difference by finding tangible actions we can take, rather than just talking about it.

See the panel discussion:

If you didn't join this fantastic book launch and panel discussion about gender diversity you can still watch it here.

(check out 'Professor' Trice at around the 14 min mark!)

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Watch or listen to the podcast:

Our CEO and Chief Coding Adventurer joined Nadia for a "Get with the Program walks the talk" special in Nadia's podcast series, the which is available here, the video snippet is here, and you can read the unedited transcript here.

Sponsor an engaged school:

Why not start (or continue) walking the talk yourselves by helping our mission to inspire ALL children to be the tech innovators of the future – even from the age of 5 upwards!

We have under-funded engaged schools who are awaiting sponsorship, so if you prefer, let us choose which school receives your gift!

If you'd love to help children enjoy a coding adventure click here.

Corporate Sponsorship:

The next step for some organisations is to become sole or co-sponsors to develop a newly filmed coding adventure! Our commitment is to give 100,000 more girls access to inspirational inclusive tech events through Nadia’s initiative - why not join us to walk the talk?

Click here to find out more

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