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Jeni Trice

CEO, Founder and Chief Coding Adventurer

Jeni has over 25 years of experience in the training and education industries, managing and delivering training projects, and supporting thousands of technologists through training. In the past she has spent many years as a freelance SAP Instructor for SAP themselves, and since having children also became involved in the education sector. 


She is committed to inspiring students of all ages to get the most out of computational thinking approaches.  Previously, Jeni ran Code Clubs at the local junior school for three years, and worked for a local infant school, Heatherside Infants, as their IT technician.

Margaret Almey.jpg

Margaret Almey

Head of Operations and Chief Enthusiasm Generator

Margaret’s enthusiasm behind the scenes is only matched by our enthusiasm delivering our events!  Without her the show would, quite simply, not go on.  Her attention to detail and customer relationship skills are not to be matched - these have been developed in her years of experience as a manager and administrator in both customer service industries and the education sector.

Most recently, Margaret has worked in primary and secondary education in Personal Assistant and Administrative roles, and this gives her the perfect insight into how we can best support the needs of the schools we work alongside.  School offices are hugely complex work environments, with the need for rigour, discretion and empathy.  We need to reflect this in the way we work with schools to support their needs and create an exciting vibe for every event we put on.  In this, Margaret’s experience is invaluable.

Serena Selby.jpeg

Serena Selby

School Liaison, Live Event Magic Maker and Robot Impersonator

Serena's wide career has taken her into some exciting roles, from Asset Management to Nursery Parent Relations Manager, but nothing has prepared her for the role of a life-time as one of our team of Robot Impersonators!

She also liaises beautifully with our lovely schools for both our live and virtual events, and is a dab hand at co-ordinating our corporate events too!

Action oriented and an enthusiastic team player, Serena has also been known to include her own sound effects when efficiently ticking off her to do list. Never a dull moment!


Helen Shepherd

New Joiner Administrator, General of all Admin, Chief Sanity Provider

Helen brings an air of calm to our otherwise whirlwind days, and keeps us grounded with her supportive and friendly approach to work.

She's a well organised and conscientious part of our team, and is a welcoming contact for all our new joiners.

Her other roles cover a wide variety of administration and event support, and we don't know where we'd be without her!

Nicole Porter.jpg

Nicole Porter

STEM Advisor and Robot Impersonator

Nicole brings us the perfect mix of scientific knowledge, and the ability to not take herself too seriously! 


Her 20 years experience as an acoustic consultant, and Airport Noise Management specialist brings us a real world STEM role model, whose brains we can pick on a wide variety of specialist topics.

Her ability to follow her step-by-step instructions makes her the perfect robot ... although perhaps she needs a little more coffee than your average droid!

Nicole's support in developing shows, and creating strategy is invaluable, and we are delighted to have her as one of the Get with the Program team!


Rachel Riley

Photographer and Assistant Coding Adventurer

Rachel is a professional photographer and a former primary school teacher of 20 years, and so brings a wealth of experience to our team.  She loves working with children and families, and in her photographic role, is used to putting everyone at their ease to encourage creativity.


She also writes for a variety of educational and photographic magazines on using extra-curricular activities to enhance learning.  Her exuberance and enthusiasm makes her a perfect part of our Get with the Program Primary shows – either in front of the audience or behind the lens.

Carol Fogarty.jpg

Carol Forgarty

Mentor, Coach and Business Development

Carol’s extensive experience in developing teams and individuals is invaluable to us at Get with the Program.  Her focus is executive coaching, team coaching and facilitation within companies, which is perfect for our needs.  Working with us allows Carol to combine her interests in education with her interests in coaching - she is a governor at a local school, and so has a wealth of experience in how schools need support from the community to meet their goals. 


Carol uses her knowledge and expertise with an approach that is flexible, focused, friendly and fun.  She has commitment, energy and enthusiasm, and this fits right in with our upbeat approach to supporting schools with the computing curriculum.

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