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We are delighted to announce our FREE teacher training session on Friday 3rd December
at Princes Mead Shopping Centre, Farnborough!

The event is scheduled to start at 9.30am, and we are expecting a class of local children from a nearby school to join us at 10am. 

This gives us time to talk through the pedagogy we are applying in our Moon Landing Coding Adventure and follow up activities, before you get a chance to see the children experience it for yourselves, and work with them on some of our unplugged activities. These embed the learning from the show, and also teach creativity, team building and computational thinking at the same time – oh and they’re great fun too!


Once the children have returned to school, we will then review the approach to the computing for different age groups and summarise our findings, and then follow-up with an optional opportunity for questions and answers.

If you would like to register your interested, please email us at:
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