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Inspiring the next generation of Space Explorers!

Jobs involving science, technology, engineering and mathematics are wide and varied and can range from essential desk-based roles to an astronaut working on the ISS! However, an essential skill which is required for all roles is problem solving. It's just that some problems are harder to solve than others!

Through our educational Coding Adventures, we introduce young children to problem solving in a fun and engaging way which also taps in to their natural interest in our world (or out of this world!) around them. We just love the thought that amongst our audiences some children will begin a life long fascination with Space Exploration and adventures to the moon. Some may even get to build on the work that NASA has already started with their Artemis 1 programme or become future astronauts.

And with facilities such as Spaceport Cornwall, based at Cornwall's Newquay Airport, having recently been been issued the first-ever UK spaceport licence, exploration to the 'final frontier' feels more achievable to our next generation than ever before, making 'Space Exploration' certainly an attainable future career choice.

Want to know how you can help us to spark an interest in STEM subjects by sponsoring a Moon Landing Coding Adventure (or one of our other themes) for Primary School children? Click here to learn more!

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