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Program Yourself!

We're one step closer to a brand new activity for our Bupa-sponsored Healthy Lunch-Bot Coding Adventure!

'Program Yourself' will be available via our Bupa Coding Day sessions and is a no-prep activity designed to help all of you busy teachers. It can be run in the classroom without the need for any additional resources, giving YOU the choice between workshop or classroom based activities.

We've ticked the filming off the list, now for the editing!

Huge thank you to our filming team! Our wonderful Producer, Director and Editor, Lee Hilse from Tiger Optics; the fabulous Lucy Williams, Directory of Photography from Traverse Media; the incredible Tariene Emmitt for the concept, development and script and to all of our Get with the Program staff who worked so hard behind the scenes (as always!)

'Program Yourself' will be available for our next Bupa Coding Day on 7 November, 2023. Click here to read more and sign up for your FREE Coding Adventure.

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