Thank You for the Support in 2021!

Updated: Jun 14

2021 has been a difficult year for everyone, but we've been lucky enough at Get with the Program to get through it with some fantastic successes.

It's all down to the help and support of the wonderful people we've spent time with this year, and from whom we've had immeasurable help!

We'd like to thank you all ... here's an attempt at at list, but I know I'll probably forget the most important ones somehow!

Thank you!

David Trice, Margaret Almey, Serena Selby, Jeanne Fox, Nicole Porter Norton, Inge Maersk Malig, Claire Drewe, Frances Bonnington, Laura Lewis, Sarah Forster, Maris Hibbert, Gemma Moore, Lara Gee, Lucy Wynn, Beth Alwis Sarah Kempson, Lisa Kim MacLaren, Nick Dennes, Emma Watts, Chris Thompson, Jon Coleman, Andrew Powell, Colin Burgess, Dan Sheridan, Tracy Sacks, Kiri Craig, Nicole Wilkins, Roopa Master-Coles, Sam Shallcross, Gill Cooke, Phil Moreton, Laki Pattapola, Kevin Ashley, Joe Plank, Amit Amin, Rob Rodgerson, Nick Stringer, Rachel Buxton, Pia Perkins, Marty Perkins, Dan McNamara, Anthony Aughterson & Mary Peretz, Tim Kyle, Anil Gupta, Derek Freeman, Andrew Tomlins, Bridgette Tomlins, Tim and Liz Dodwell, Chris Dodwell, Sian Dodwell, Andy Dodwell, Carolyn Dodwell, Jon Mills, Liz Marsden

MyAko, onebite, Wynn Creative, Reszo, Ballard Down Consulting, 09 Productions, The Light Cypher, ally and mo media, Captiv8, Sherimedia, Back the Brave, Elite Telemarketing, Schools Mailing, STEMConnext, The Girls' Day School Trust, Intelogy, Elkay Laboratory Products, Black & White Chartered Accountants, Princes Mead Shopping Centre

Heatherside Infant School, Heatherside Schools, All Saints Junior School, Bromley High School GDST, Ewhurst C of E Infants School, Tweseldown Infant School

and everyone else who has encouraged and supported!

Bring on 2022!!

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