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Sign up your school, nominate a school or volunteer to help
at a local school on one of our Bupa Coding Days!

We're so excited to be continuing our Bupa partnership. Our Bupa Coding Days take place on three days during the academic year, allowing UK schools to access our fabulous Healthy Lunch-Bot Coding Adventure for 5-11-year-olds for free!


Each has a healthy eating theme with plenty of delicious coding and our next date is 13th November 2024. We also have further dates planned for 20 March 2025 and 17 June 2025!

Anyone can sign up or nominate a school using our form below, or you can register your interest as a volunteer. Schools will get free access to a 30-minute online show and a 45-minute follow-up activity per class (plus some great additional resources). Find out more in our FAQs below or feel free to get in touch!

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We need to check that you're happy for us to retain and use your data in relation to Bupa Coding Days. This may include passing your details to a school if you've nominated one or want to volunteer. Please tell us above if you'd prefer us not to pass your details to the school.

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You're welcome to sign up more than one school - simply complete and submit the form again if you'd like to.

​If you're from a school you can go straight to the 'create an account' page - the preparation materials are available one month before each

Bupa Coding Day, on all new and existing school accounts!


More information on Bupa Coding Days

What are Bupa Coding Days all about?

Bupa Coding Days are an initiative sponsored by Bupa and developed in partnership with Get with the Program, giving schools free access to a Get with the Program Coding Adventure for 5-11-year-olds. There will be three Bupa Coding Days during the academic year.

When are the Bupa Coding Days?

The our next date is 13th June 2024, during British Science Week. We also have a further date planned for 13th November 2024 and more dates expected in March 2025 and June 2025!

Which schools can sign up or be nominated?

Any primary school, infant school, junior school, elementary school or educational setting in the UK, for children aged 5-11, can sign up or be nominated for Bupa Coding Days.

Who can sign up or nominate a school?

Teachers, headteachers and support staff can sign-up their schools, and anyone can nominate a school for Bupa Coding Days.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer to help out at a local school on a Bupa Coding Day. We'll pass your details to your local school, and they'll let you know about any additional checks required.

What does being a volunteer involve?

Volunteers have fun helping the children with their teamwork and using new coding terms (some are new to the volunteers too!) Click here for more.

What does each Bupa Coding Day include?

Schools will get free access to our Healthy Lunch-Bot Coding Adventure, which usually costs £360! This includes a 30-minute online show and two 45-minute follow-up activities. Schools can access these at any time throughout the day.


What equipment do schools need?

We've designed our coding adventures so schools don't need lots of computers or equipment to take part. There's an unplugged activity which doesn't need any technology at all, and the online activity is optional. Here are all the details:

For the online show: Schools will need a computer with internet access and a screen so the children can watch the show together.

For the unplugged activity: Schools will need a hall or communal space (indoors or outside), print-outs of the activity templates, whiteboards/paper and pens, and a way of setting out grids on the floor, (e.g. with chalk, tape or rubber mats).

For the online activity (optional): Schools will need a computer or device with internet access for each child or pair of children.


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