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Al the Robot's thoughts on COP27

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Al's been busy reading the newspapers over the past couple of weeks. She's been very interested to read all about COP27, seen as the world's last chance to prevent global warming levels rising more than 1.5C as set by the Paris Agreement.

Here are her thoughts...

🤖 As predicted, the first week featured lots of speeches, there was little in the way of pledges or funding (although the United States, Germany, and Austria have committed to a few hundred million dollars of funding for poorer nations) and no one country seemed to want to take the lead in delivering and acting on a solution.

🤖 Loss and damage has been discussed a lot! Good to hear that there has been some breakthrough in discussing funding to help vulnerable countries cope when faced with the devastating damage from floods, drought and other climate impact.

🤖 India is pushing for a deal to phase down all fossil fuels and some countries are seeking deals outside of the formal COP27 talks

In short, at the time of Al's musings, nothing seems to have been formally agreed! And so Al's left wondering whether the next Artemis launch to the Moon might have room for a very resourceful robot? Although, that too has left her deliberating the difficulty of operating in a modern world, where we celebrate scientific developments in something like a moon launch, but recognise the environmental impacts.....

She's just so pleased that with 'Professor' Trice she gets to work with children who will be the ones to shape our future, and for the better! These are forward thinking, environmentally aware, inclusive, global citizens and Al is proud to be able to be a part in their education journey, one which is helping them to solve problems and find solutions for a better tomorrow.

Find out all about her work at:, and in particular follow the menu to have a look at her Eco Coding Adventure, where she and 'Professor' Trice help reduce waste!

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