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Black & White Chartered Accountants Sponsor a Show!

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

It's the first day of December and we'd like to celebrate what amazing sponsors we have!

We're delighted to announce that Black & White Chartered Accountants have decided to sponsor a virtual Coding Pantomime for a school at Christmas!

Working with businesses who provide funding to schools through sponsorship, helps us to continue to inclusively inspire the tech innovators of the future. Engaging with young children, our aim is to spark an interest in technology which looks at the core fundamentals of problem solving and introduces terms such as algorithm and debugging, often without using apps or screens!

Thank you to Jon and the team at Black & White Chartered Accountants, we know that your chosen school are delighted to receive your kind gift.

You too can be part of this exciting opportunity to help engage young children in technology. If you want to join in and develop the diversity of the workforce from an early age, please contact us at or click here to sponsor a panto!

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