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Dates for your Autumn Term diary

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

At Get with the Program HQ we're busy planning and writing our content for the autumn academic term. It's great to be researching themes for so many STEM-based days.

Here are just a few that we'll be weaving into our diaries..

National Computing Week: 19 -25 September

World Space Week: 4-10 October

EU Code Week: 7-22 October

Ada Lovelace Day: 10th October

Tomorrow's Engineers Week: 6-10 November

LGBTQ+ STEM Day: 18th November

Computer Security Day: 30th November

In the mix of the above, we'll also be following the discussions concerning the environment and climate during COP28 from 30th November - 12th December.

And, of course, the date definitely not be missed, our very own, Bupa Coding Day on 7th November! Details can be found by clicking here!

Have we missed any dates? What other coding/STEM-based days will you be celebrating?

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