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Debugging For a Growth Mindset

Anyone who’s ever tried programming will almost certainly have found themselves ‘debugging’ their code! It’s a usual part of the creative coding process - problem solving a series of steps when you ‘didn’t get what you hoped for’. Sometimes it’s a quick one-person check, sometimes it can take a team a long time to solve.

What do we learn from debugging? Well, it’s actually a very important life skill and one which we spend time discussing in our shows. It teaches us that it’s OK not to get things right the first time round and to keep trying until you do. It builds resilience, teaches patience and perseverance and shifts us into a growth mindset.

The earlier we learn these skills the easier we cope with situations throughout our lives which at first seem hard to manage or overcome. Breaking down a problem, analysing what hasn’t happened as we had first expected and then working to find a way forward.

And sometimes, understanding that you can’t solve a problem alone is the most important debugging lesson of all.

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