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Digital Skills Gap

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Two articles have landed in our inbox in the last 24 hours proclaiming the future catastrophic and looming shortage of digital skills in school and university leavers. As our mission is to inspire the tech innovators of the future we felt compelled to comment!

Both the recent articles by the BBC and The Guardian reference the Learning & Work Institute research carried out to measure the numbers of students in technology at GCSE, A-Level and Under graduate level and it’s a shocking read. Not only is there a skills gap but a gender and diversity one too with women representing only 16% of computer science undergraduates.

However, this is not news to us! In fact, whilst this is not good news, it just reinforces our mission to continue to do what we do – working with business sponsors to engage and inspire school children around technology and computer science. Using a unique blend of storytelling and performance we take children on an exciting coding adventure – opening their eyes to future career possibilities and encouraging them to look at coding in a new light, long before they choose their GCSE options.

We’re passionate about our 4 step vision and looking forward to a world where the children of today lead the way in solving big problems and challenges to make a positive difference in the world. If your business or organisation would like to partner with us to help them get there please get in touch and Get with the Program!

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