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Discover how computing can help save the planet

Wednesday 5th June marks the UN World Environment Day 🌍

This year, the theme of 'Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience'. highlights challenges affecting communities and ecosystems worldwide.

This is also a great springboard to discuss the impact of human interactions, especially in terms of manufacturing and consumption, on the environment.

Our Eco Coding Adventure is the perfect way to mark World Environment Day in the classroom for KS1 and LKS2 children (ages 5-11)!

A remotely deliverable waste reduction-focused coding adventure that gives students the chance to combine their concerns for the environment with problem solving using computing. The show explores the idea of reducing packaging whilst focusing on writing algorithms to program AL the Robot to reduce the amount of waste in her shopping basket. 


As with our other coding events, the 30 minute show is then followed by a variety of age-specific activities designed to embed the learning and help the children understand coding concepts in an engaging and tangible way.

Ready to hear more? Please feel free to drop us an email:

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