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Heatherside Infant School

Thank you so much to Heatherside Infant School for commissioning us to create a Traditional Tales coding adventure - you are always hugely supportive of all our ventures, and this was another one of many things for which we are very grateful to you!

Our first performance of ‘Al the Robot and the Three Bears’ was on Thursday last week, and it went brilliantly! The children were so engaged and the volunteers plentiful and incredibly helpful. One of the office staff commented ‘there’s a real buzz in the hall and around the school - you’ve created a lovely atmosphere!’

Additional thanks go to our new recruits Jeanne, Sarah and Margaret - Jeanne for making my ‘Al the Robot and the Three Bears’ idea come to life through script writing and prop creation, Sarah for perfecting the PowerPoint, and Margaret for handling all the many and complex logistics behind the scenes! Also many thanks to ‘Michelle the Robot’ and all our helpers.Congratulations all round - I think we got it ‘just right’!

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