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How to gift an educational experience this Christmas in 3 easy steps!

Christmas is a time for giving! This year, consider a gift which keeps on giving and become a sponsor of Coding Adventures for Primary School children.

We even have a Christmas Coding Panto - oh yes we do!

STEM engaged schools, up and down the UK, are looking for fun and interactive ways to cover their Computing Curriculum. We're ready with our award-winning Coding Adventures designed to be delivered as exciting in-person 'red letter days', or through interactive, virtual classroom tech-inspiring events.

And, we know which schools are keen and ready too! To help us reach as many of these schools as possible, we need sponsorship from businesses just like yours who are passionate about the need to offer varied educational enrichment which can inspire the tech innovators of the future.

In 3 easy steps we can deliver your generous Christmas gift, so don't delay, email us to find out more:

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