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Jobs for now, competitive careers for the future!

Context is an extremely important part of education. This is why we always add references to past and present pioneers in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics AND why we discuss future careers our Coding Adventures.

If a child can visualise the connection between the classroom and real-world opportunities then anything is possible!

Whist it is certainly true that a high percentage of primary school children will have careers in roles that don't yet exist, one thing is for sure, as our growth of digital technology increases, so does the demand for roles which keep everything working! One such projected career growth is that of the Drone Technician.

Get with the Program discuss future careers in their Coding Adventures

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drones, have wide reaching uses from recreational interest to videography, the transportation of goods and emergency supplies to hard-to-reach destinations, as support to firefighters and paramedics to military surveillance. And the Drone Technician is needed to perform routine maintenance, inspections, repairs, and also to help develop simulation exercises where UAV's are used in place of manned aircraft.

Very akin to an aircraft technician, many people will study computer science, robotics, or electrical engineering degrees as a path to Drone Technician. And it all starts with a spark, a moment which captures a child's imagination, a moment when they can see a future application of the subject they are learning. Just maybe that spark will happen at a Get with the Program Coding Adventure!

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