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Kate Bohn Attends Reset Connect London 2024

What to do when you've double, no tripple booked yourself? Call on the awesome Kate Bohn to stand in for you!

Kate partners with leaders for value-led business innovation, and enables enterprise-wide scalability in Financial Services. She is an advocate for cultural change, innovation and women in tech and we could think of no one better to ask than Kate to step into our shoes at Reset Connect London 2024 THE flagship event of London Climate Action Week helping business and finance find solutions, insight and inspiration to accelerate sustainability goals...that and she kindly offered to promote us as she was going already!

With 250 exhibitors, 400 thought-leaders and 1000s of professionals to network and partner with Get with the Program was in very safe hands.

Thank you Kate for sharing our message and connecting on our behalf with some amazing people!

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