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Keep Hart Clean

12th August

Delighted to share the news that our Hampshire County Council funded Waste Reduction coding show is now ‘in the (recyclable) can’! Please do let us know of any schools you’d like us to deliver this show to - it’s all about how to shop smart to reduce waste (and learn a bit about coding at the same time!!)

That’s a wrap!

We’ve done it - filmed our first show for delivering coding workshops to primary schools in a socially distant way!

Two days of sweltering heat, eco-friendly shopping and robot coding have come and end.

Thank you to Crookham Park Community Centre, local filmmaker Jánoux Gerber, and all those involved for their support and help. This kind of community spirit is what ‘Get with the Program’ is all about!

Can’t wait to see the end product ..... watch out for a teaser when we have something ready!!

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