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Listening, an essential skill for life

Updated: May 14

Our coding adventures do more than simply tick a few computing curriculum boxes!

We're passionate about promoting all aspects of learning to help children develop the necessary tools needed to succeed in their education and throughout their lives. Woven into the fabric of our learning experiences are the essential skills for life; listening, speaking, problem solving, creativity, staying positive, aiming high, leadership and teamwork.

Listening is, of course, an extremely important skill taught from a very early age and is far more than understanding what is being said. Without effective listening, we do not develop the ability to question or action instructions competently.

Throughout our coding adventures children are required to listen to their teachers and 'Professor' Trice to enable them to take part in the activities, to follow a set of instructions and to also listen to each other when working in teams. They may not always succeed in performing tasks correctly first time - this is when the problem solving and staying positive skills come into play!

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