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Program Each Other

How is it possible to teach coding without screens? Program Each Other!

For each of our coding adventures we offer three exciting ways to interact with our Program Each Other activity:

🔸 Our classic floor-based activity - children become the robot and move across a floor grid

🔸 Our smaller scale tabletop activity - printout or counters are moved around a grid on the table

🔸 Programmable devices - robots such as Bee-Bots or VEX 1-2-3s are used to follow the steps

For each activity, after planning it all out, a set of directions are given (an algorithm) to move the 'robot', printout, or device to successfully complete a desired path. Sometimes this works smoothly and at other times debugging and reprogramming is needed to set the object on the correct path! Will they code each other to find the right porridge, moon rock or food? The children can join in to find out!

To learn more about our fun coding adventures, the key computing terms and topics covered, and how you can purchase a session or nominate your school for a sponsored event, please visit: 

Video Transcript & Description:

Orange floor spots are laid out in a grid with the Get with the Progam logo at the top if the image. In the main part of the image, a blue square with white writing appears: 'Our Program Each Other floor activity as demonstrated by the children of Osmani Primary School and ‘Professor Trice’!'

The video moves on to show primary school children sat on the floor with white boards and pens, they write arrows on them board and show them to the camera.

The video moves to show 'Professor' Trice moving across the orange floor spots and then cuts to her holding a sign with the words: 'A fun and active way to teach coding without the need for screens! Learn more at...' and an animated arrow pointing to:

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