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STEM Autum Term Dates

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The end of the academic year is in sight, and so planning for autumn term begins!

We've identified many opportunities during the term for engaging ways to deliver the computing curriculum for 5-11 year-olds. There are some great key dates on in which to run STEM pick the date and we'll deliver content, be that through our Eco Coding Adventure, Healthy Lunch-Bot Coding Adventure or our Moon Landing Coding Adventure!

🔶 National Recycling Week: 14th-20th September. Cover the computing curriculum whilst also exploring ways to reduce waste and help save the planet with our Eco Coding Adventure

🔶 National Coding Week: 19th-25th September. Book any of our adventures to celebrate the coding and inspire all of your pupils to become the tech innovators of the future!

🔶 Black History Month: October. We inclusively inspire all children to find a role within STEM based learning, to progress into further education and onto careers which have the power to change all our lives. In our coding adventures, we include positive role models from all ethnic and diverse backgrounds to celebrate their successes.

🔶 World Space Week: 4th-10th October. The perfect week to run our Moon Landing Coding Adventure!

🔶 Ada Lovelace Day: 8th October. Join us by marking this day with a coding adventure to celebrate Ada Lovelace's contributions to the early field of computing.

🔶 Bupa Coding Day: 13th November. Back for the 7th time, don't miss out on this FREE virtual learning enrichment for all UK primary schools where students will explore healthy eating options and coding!

🔶 Panto Season: December. This is the ideal time to run our Three Bears Coding Panto Adventure! Perfect for children in years 1-3 (5-7 year olds) and a wonderful way to bring some festive cheer to your computing lessons!

🔶 Internal Volunteers Day: 5th December. Become a STEM Ambassador! Contact STEMLearning Uk to see how you can engage with groups, or sign up to be a Bupa Coding Day volunteer, or nominate a school via our website:

Don't let the fear of funding stop you running any of our coding adventures this term. Join our database of STEM-engaged schools and we'll secure the funding from our wonderful sponsors.

Ready to hear more? Please feel free to DM us or email:

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