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Thank You

2nd July

Just wanted to say ta v much to everyone! .....

Dear all, I’m taking a moment this week to reflect on what we, at Get with the Program, have achieved during lockdown, and to ask our community to celebrate with us! Our small dedicated team have persevered through the anxieties that many of you have encountered, including the ‘horrors’ of homeschooling, illnesses of loved ones, and fear and anxiety about our own health. In the last week we have put in a huge effort and pulled together to complete a major (and two minor) funding applications, mammoth tasks in themselves just to get to the point of sending the application! We are also on the brink of applying for charitable status, and we are busy working with a director planning how to convert our school shows into a broadcast format. Very exciting times! There is lots of work going on behind the scenes to ensure we come out of this time even better than before, and ready to face the ‘new normal’. The major grant was all about the power of community, and it’s reminded me that I’d like to publicly thank my dedicated team: Margaret Almey, Jeanne Fox and Serena Selby, as well as the enormous number of people who have supported and helped us along the way - I’ll try and name a few here, but please forgive me if I miss some important ones out! Cheryl Hitchcock-Smith Suzanne Renshaw Louise Walker Lucy Wynn Rachel Riley David Trice Andy Dodwell Carolyn Dodwell Michelle Conway Amber Fuller Emily Renshaw Chris Dodwell Sian Dodwell Chris Lynch Sarah Knights Jane Rosser Sasha Smith Mark Owen Polly Baker Kim Tottem Yvonne Heritage Matt Gladstone Lara Gee Katharine Gladstone Tim Dodwell Liz Dodwell Sarah Caine Elizabeth Alwis Lisa Smith Pia Perkins Rebecca Thompson Alison Pate Gill Cooke Sioned Jones Dale Campbell Sarah Kempson Kevin Whibley Karen Daly Janette Godfrey Miranda Davy Wendy Edwards Sarah Foster Kevin Cook Emma Watts Kate Cotterell Amy Haldane Susie Lewington Angela Bishop Shona Dutta Charlton Chris Thompson Caroline Winchurch Elizabeth Elliot Sue Dovey Tracy Jarvis Roopa Master-Coles Lucy Bubb Nicole Porter all the school staff that have been involved in our shows so far all the volunteers who have helped in any of our shows too and many many more! The community of Fleet and the Get with the Program community, you are wonderful, thank you!

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