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Thank you Bupa!

Updated: May 14

Thank you Bupa x30,000

✨ That's 30,000 children who you have helped us to reach, spreading the message of healthy eating whilst also learning the foundations of coding

✨ That's 30,000 children who have had access to a FREE enriching learning experience at a time when schools are under-funded

✨ That's 30,000 children who have the potential to be the tech innovators of the future

✨ That's 30,000 children who have seen inclusive role models to encourage them into STEM careers

✨ That's 30,000 children who have learnt some problem solving skills and the invaluable lesson that not everything we do will work first time!

✨ That's 30, 000 children who can sing 'Robot, robot, go, go, go, follow your algorithm, don't be slow!' 🤣

From all of us, 'Professor' Trice, AL the Robot and all the team at Get with the Program on behalf of all the schools and children who have taken part in the Bupa Coding Days to date, thank you.

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