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Viasat, Beyond: Space

About last night ...

Some of the Get with the Program team were lucky enough to be able to attend the Viasat Beyond: Space event at their amazing new London offices, and what an inspirational event it was!

🚀 We spoke to staff at Viasat, who are passionate about sustainability in space, and inspiring the next generation including those under-represented in STEM careers

🚀 We spoke to university staff on how space exploration (and low space orbiting satellites) and sustainability work hand-in-hand, including using imagery to track climate change

🚀 We spoke to space industry professionals about the future skills shortage and how our coding adventures (in particular our Moon Landing Coding Adventure) can help fill the pipeline by inspiring children at a young age

🚀 We spoke to the amazing Camille Bergin (@theGalacticGal) about how she's committed to including and inspiring millions (and we too were inspired by her wonderful speech - see a snippet in our video)

🚀 and we were inspired by the 5 wonderful secondary school student finalists (out of 1000 applicants), who were all winners in our eyes!

Such an amazing event - spurring us on the even bigger and better things on our mission to inclusively inspire the tech innovators of the future - thank you Charlotte Petridies for the invitation!

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