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Volunteers Needed!

15th September

Socially distanced volunteers needed!

As the filmed version of our Get with the Program Eco Coding Show nears the end of its development, we are now looking towards delivering this to schools – local ones to Fleet and Farnborough initially. Usually at this stage we would be asking for volunteers to come with us to the schools and help the children have fun, but of course this is currently not a safe option.

We will still be delivering our fantastic shows and activities to schools - but without necessarily going into the class bubbles. We will also be ensuring resources are not shared between bubbles. This means we will need to create a much larger set of resources, one for each class rather than passing them on in the day, and this means our creation and clean up operations (after quarantining) will be more time consuming.

Are you local to us in Fleet and would you be interested in helping us? We would meet on a weekday during the school day.

It’ll start with printing, cutting and laminating, and then be mostly be wiping down laminated resources and getting things back in order for the next group of children to have fun with! As this cleaning process needs to become more rigorous, we are looking for volunteers who might be interested in helping in sociable, but socially distant groups – probably in a garden with a gazebo – with the offer of coffee, cake and chat (although you are welcome to bring your own of each!) Of course, we will keep it to small groups no more than 6 and have some strict health and safety measures in place, which we will ask everyone to agree to in advance.

We plan to deliver one show a week for the next few months, so this could be a one-off offer of help, or a regular thing!

Do have a think, and perhaps volunteer as a group of friends so you can catch up and help out at the same time!

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