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What an incredible Bupa Coding Day!

Updated: May 14

Thank you to all the schools for taking part, our wonderful volunteers, Get with the Program staff for working so hard to make the magic happen, and of course, to Bupa for their generous sponsorship.

Image description: AL the Robot and 'Professor' Trice are standing in a school library. 'Professor' Trice is holding a sign that says 'We took part in a #BupaCodingDay' and is giving a thumbs up. Above them is the text, Bupa Coding Day, 7th November 2023 and below them the words Technology, Coding, Healthy Eating! At the bottom of the image is a link to:

To date, over 300 UK schools and nearly 30,000 children have taken part in a Bupa Coding Day accessing our Healthy Lunch-Bot Coding Adventure for FREE! That's an awesome number of children that have had an enriching educational experience many of whom would not have thought that coding was for them.

We're thrilled that our partnership with Bupa has enabled us to reach so many children and we're giving everyone who has been involved from the very first Bupa Coding Day to date, a massive high-five 🙌

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