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What is a coding adventure?

Updated: Mar 25

At Get with the Program we're on a mission to inclusively inspire today’s young people to

become the tech innovators of the future – so they can one day lead the way in solving the world’s biggest problems! We're all about digital inclusivity and our award-winning coding adventures provide the spark for any child to realise they have the potential to make a positive impact!

We are a social enterprise that brings together schools & businesses and uses interactive theatre and virtual learning experiences to inspire children to see the amazing potential of technology.

Our fun and interactive themed coding shows always show inclusive role models, and are aligned to the computing curriculum. Our current shows include:

🔸 Healthy Lunch-Bot Coding Adventure (ages 5-11) 

🔸 Moon Landing Coding Adventure (ages 5-9) 

🔸 Eco Coding Adventure (waste reduction) (ages 5-9)

🔸 Three Bears Coding Panto (ages 5-9)

Offered as a one-off purchase or subscription, or as part of our sponsored packages, schools can access our shows via our three tiers:

🔸 Bronze - this is teacher-led, with a fully remote, watch-along adventure. Activities are run by teachers with helpful explainer videos and teacher-printed activity resources.

🔸 Silver - this features a live ‘Professor’-led video call with watch-along adventure. Activities run by teachers with helpful explainer videos and teacher-printed activity resources

🔸 Gold - this is our in-person, in-school ‘Professor’-led intro with watch-along 

adventure. Activities run by a ‘Professor’ with explainer videos and we provide pre-printed, delivered activity resources.

Ready to hear more? If you're a teacher, computing lead, head teacher, interested parent, member of the PTA, or a business who would like to fund learning enrichment (that also aligns to your ESG strategy), we'd be delighted to discuss our coding adventures with you! Please do get in touch via email:

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