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Work Experience Week

“A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience.” Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Let's talk work experience!

It's often the first time that students have stepped out of the cocoon of formal education and into the adult world of employment, and no matter which industry they spend their week in, it's guaranteed to be an eye-opener and one that we hope will be packed full of positives!

A blue background with an orange fine lined square frame. Inside the frame are large orange quotation marks and the quote: 'A moment's inside is sometimes worth a life's experience." Oliver Wendell Homes'

Even if the student is unsure of the vocation that they wish to pursue, work experience should be seen as a window into the working world. Even better if they can match their interests to an industry and get to spend the week exploring what their future job could look like.

And for businesses and employers, taking someone in on work experience can be very enriching. For a business like ours, it's a great opportunity to showcase not only the work that we do but also how we foster a caring and inclusive workplace environment and attitude.

We've loved running work experience weeks previously, and this year is no exception, as we have a student with us again this week... and with a schedule of purposeful activities planned and Bupa Coding Day on Thursday there will be lots to do!

We're looking forward to spending our week with you!

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