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World Health Day

Today is the 75th World Health Day, a day when the World Health Organisation encourages us to think of 'health for all'.

And we could think of no better day than today to celebrate our partnership with Bupa, who are on a mission to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives and make a better world.

Through their generous sponsorship and funding of our Bupa Coding Days, primary school aged children from 5-11 years have received free access to our Healthy Lunch-Bot Coding Adventure which combines the basics of coding and computing with making good choices for a balanced diet. In fact, an estimated 32,500 children have accessed our virtual learning enrichment since our partnership started in spring 2022. And with at least four more scheduled (13th June & 13th November 2024 and 20th March & 17th June 2025) we have the potential to reach so many more!

Combining healthy eating with coding, in an inclusive way, helps us to inspire the tech innovators of the future and also promotes one of the 17 UN sustainable development goals - good health and well-being. A win all round!

Thank you Bupa for your continued support.

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