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Photos kindly taken by Rachel Riley Photography

Al the Robot initial design by Ben Podd



Programming a robot to get to the moon - can we do it? KS1 & KS2

Al the Robot (Al short for Algorithm) needs some step by step instructions to get on to her space module and get to the moon.  Who can help?

This morning workshop is designed to appeal to both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 (it's a 'simulation' of a robot for KS2 - NASA does simulations all the time!)  It's basic structure can be explained to a lesser or greater depth depending on the audience, but the ultimate question is still, can we debug our algorithm to get Al on the rocket successfully or not?  

Our half hour moon landing 'coding pantomime' can be shown to a large audience, and then the follow up hall activities are delivered to smaller groups in class sizes.



Can we design an automated lunch-bot app before our time runs out? KS1 & KS2

In the context of healthy eating, children learn how to write algorithms and debug them to get the results they were hoping for.  

Our fun workshops capture their imaginations with our coding pantomime embedded with key words from the computing curriculum, and kinaesthetic, hands-on learning.  But will we do it in time?

The 30 minute adaptable show is then followed by activities designed for different levels and age groups to help embed the learning and kick start the computing curriculum.