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Get with the Program partners with schools and businesses to deliver exciting tech learning events for students. Our mission is to inspire today’s students to become the tech innovators of the future.

It is a fantastic opportunity to give back to the community - the 2 minute clip above gives your some insight into what we are doing.

You or your organisation can be involved in any of three ways:

Financial sponsorship,

volunteering and

content development


Financial support can be large or small scale

At a single event level, our sponsors often choose to finance an event at a school nearby or one with which they have a connection.  We also hold a list of interested schools looking for sponsorship .


Local businesses often wish to sponsor multiple events for a variety of schools in their area. This provides much needed support for their community, which is also recognised in our follow up communications to parents. 


We also have broader sponsorship programmes options available which can be combined with volunteering and content development. For any enquiries please contact our sponsorship office on   



Are you able to help us?

Our pool of volunteers come from both enthusiastic individuals and business co-ordinated community programmes. We have lovely feedback about what a fun and rewarding time our volunteers have helping with our workshops.

We give full training, and this can include first exposure to a new programming language or even a first ever look at programming.  Some of our activities don’t even use a computer, so you can pick the one that suits you best! 

We ensure all volunteers understand and agree to implement our child-protection policy, and have DBS checks in place or in process where required. Our volunteers are never expected to be solely responsible for children, as school teaching staff should be with them at all times. 

Why not consider volunteering with us - give back to community and perhaps learn new skills along the way?



Help create something new

We always have a vast number of new events just waiting to be developed, if only we had the time.  Getting involved in content development might be developing one of our existing ideas, or getting us to help you realise one of your own. 

There is unexpected variety and creativity in developing our content - it ranges from devising programming activities to graphic design and costume making!  It might involve working closely as part of a supportive team, or using you skills remotely to build coding solutions. 

Whether your input is through a business co-ordinated community programme, or showing support as an individual, your help is always appreciated and valued. 

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