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AI and Machine Learning, the future is now!

Where AI is concerned, the future is now! And, when the tech is evolving at a fast pace, so is the need for those who can work with it.

We are living in an age where Artificial Intelligence is being hailed as the solution to, well, almost everything! Web site design, image recognition, speech recognition, copywriting, predictive analytics, statistical arbitrage, medical diagnosis and even image creation, to name but a few, are all being infiltrated with AI. However, even though by its nature, AI is a self-learning tool, there is still the need for the human touch and we are still some way off self-governing machine lead systems.

So we need to rely on a human workforce to not only program and oversee the use of AI but also one which ensures that wherever it is used it follows and adheres to governance and guidelines and that rights are protected.

We spend time in our Coding Adventures discussing the past, present and sometimes future jobs which use technology and the wider careers using computing. This helps to establish a real-world understanding behind the learning and is another way we aim to ignite the spark of interest and excitement to inspire today’s students to become the tech innovators of the future!

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