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Space Technologies Programme, HSDC Alton Campus

An impromptu visit to the HSDC Alton campus and their Space Technologies Programme engagement event in support of their new course about careers in space, and so pleased that I went!

It was wonderful to see lots of students attending and so great to meet and chat with some fascinating companies and to catch up with some that we met recently at SpaceComm Expo.

Thank you to David Hewlett for putting together an amazing event, (and of course supporting the Space Technologies course itself) and to the representatives at InSpace Missions, Viasat, Airbus, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL), KISPE, Oxford Space Systems (OSS), SpaceSpecialists, The Surrey Space Centre at The University of Surrey, UKspace, Space South Central and the Space Mission Incubator at University of Portsmouth for our chats - I look forward to following up with you all very soon!

I had some wonderful conversations with exhibitors and other 'space visitors' who where also popping in the support the event, and who included: Victoria Christmas, Lynne Pegler, Kate Creswick, Hannah Fitzgibbons, Ginny Green, Kathryn Graham, Ian Buckingham, Louisa Hobson, Oliver Lee, Colin Baldwin, Toby Marchant, Dan Smith, Moe Ahmed, John Chinner ... and many more!

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