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Balancing the Tech Gender Inequality

We need more gender diversity in tech.

A recent pulse report from Developer Nation documents an estimated 24.3M active software developers in the world with this expected to double by 2030. And yet, currently, less than 20% of these roles are taken by women.

Can we balance this gender inequality? We’d like to think so and we’re doing our part to encourage all children that they have a future and a place in computing and technology. We’re deeply committed to it.

Focusing on equality by using images that show gender and ethnic diversity in our events might seem like a small gesture but representation is huge! And it may just be the catalyst at the right time to spark that inspiration to be a tech innovator of the future.

Holly Yelland, writing in Reddico has some great advice for anyone thinking of pursuing a career in coding. Click here to read it in full.

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