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Book a Coding Adventure for National Coding Week!

AL the Robot is doing a happy dance as we've just told her that National Coding Week is happening very soon!

From 18th - 24th September 2023, schools and organisations up and down the country will be celebrating all things computing and coding. It's a great opportunity to promote digital learning and discuss how coding, computing and technology skills can lead to future careers. This is one 'national week' that has our full support!

We're on a mission is to inspire today’s students to become the tech innovators of the future, and by partnering with schools and businesses, we deliver exciting tech learning events.

We have a series of fun, engaging and experiential Coding Adventures for 5-9 year-olds, which focus on the importance of creative problem solving and complex reasoning. We love to include STEM role models from less well-represented groups in our shows and we’re passionate about improving visibility and career aspirations.

Our events are available as an in-person live show, a fully remote learning experience or a blend of the two with a one-off or subscription purchase options. OR, if you are a business who also has a mission to promote computing in schools and want to bridge the digital skills gap you can sponsor a show!

For more information on Get with the Program, to purchase or sponsor a Coding Adventure, please visit:

Get involved during National Coding Week, 18th - 24th September 2023 and we can all do a little dance with AL!

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