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Celebrating Connections in British Science Week 2023

As poet John Donne versed, "No man is an island."

Connections and collaborations are often intrinsic to successes in our lives from small gains to groundbreaking innovations and how wonderful that British Science Week is celebrating this in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Get with the Program celebrate connections in British Science Week 2023

Many schools in the UK will be focusing their curriculum this week on 'connections' and how important it is to create a collaborative team which works together to achieve results. Or indeed, as we teach in our Coding Adventures, how the team can work together to understand what happened when things don't quite work as planned (or debugging as we call it in coding)! A team which can successfully pick apart a process to find where improvements are needed, and then adapt, change, refocus and try again, shows the strength in connection and is one which we celebrate!

For more information on British Science Week, visit their website: or click on the link in their bio.

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