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Flexible Working

Being a business that wholeheartedly embraces the culture of flexible working, today we are celebrating national Flexible Working Day 🥳

Flexible working has been part of our strategy since conception and we're proud to be able to offer this approach to all from CEO to contractors. Advocates for female empowerment in the workforce and a women-led organisation with predominantly (although not exclusively) women employees, fostering a culture where work is balanced with the needs of family is of huge importance to us. And this valued approach has, in turn, grown a wonderfully supportive environment.

At Get with the Program we offer our staff the following flexibility, should they need it:

🔸 Full time, part time, or contract positions, including job shares

🔸 Term-time only roles

🔸 School hour days

🔸 Blend of in-person and virtual meetings

🔸 Flexi-days

Our flexible approach also extends to minimising the encroachment of work into personal time. Working effectively and collectively means that we are able to switch off and step back from work, helping us to keep creative and productive whilst reducing the risk of burn-out.

To us, flexible working is all about promoting a positive work-life balance, enabling a healthy team, whilst at the same time being an attractive employer for the wealth of talent who struggle to thrive in businesses who only offer a rigid and somewhat out-dated 9-5 working environment.

Are you a business that also supports and actively promotes flexible working for your workforce?

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