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Give the gift of a Coding Panto to school children this Christmas!

Christmas is fast approaching....give the gift of a Coding Panto to school children this year!

We are a social enterprise designed to bring schools and businesses together so children can learn about the amazing potential of technology and inspire the tech innovators of the future! Sponsoring a Christmas Coding Panto is a fantastic way to give back to children and teachers and support under-funded schools in the communities that you or your colleagues support.

Your sponsorship will:

🔸 Give primary school children an exciting education experience that demonstrates inclusivity and aspirational role models in the field of STEM

🔸 Make a positive difference today and for the future

🔸 Elevate your office Christmas cheer with that great feeling of knowing you are supporting your community!

We have a waitlist of enthusiastic, but under-funded, schools waiting for your generous sponsorship donation. If you're ready to hear how you can make a gift that will inclusively inspire the tech innovators of the future, get in touch!

Please visit: or email us at

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