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Meet AL the Robot 2.0

Meet AL the Robot 2.0 - designed to help us engage the older primary school age range and beyond - anything AL 1.0 can do, AL 2.0 can do too!

She's an ER-FLEX robot, loaned to us by the wonderful team at RARUK Automation. She has her own wheels so has mobile capabilities, can map the area around her, and avoid unexpected obstacles automatically. She also has a 6-axis robot arm to pick things up, and camera eyes to help her understand what is around her. She even knows how tightly she should hold items with her 'hand' so as not to break them but at the same time to ensure they don't fall!

AL 1.0 and AL 2.0 can both wave, high five, and pack healthy lunches - but can AL 2.0 dance as well as AL 1.0? I see a dance off somewhere on the horizon!

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