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New Year Thanks and Gratitude

Updated: Jan 3

So as 2023 draws to a successful close for Get with the Program, we recognise we’ve got a lot to be grateful for, and a huge number of kind and generous people to thank!

Here’s a list, but undoubtedly we’ll have missed one or two wonderful people or organisations off - heartfelt thanks to you all!

These include thanks to our fabulous core team:

Jeni Trice, Margaret Almey, Serena Selby, Helen Shepherd, Natasha Miah, Tariene Emmitt, Melanie Budge, Jessica Duffy, Amber MacDaniel and Kathryn Becher.

Our supporting team (without whom any of this would be possible):

myAko / Kevin Ashley / Joe Plank, Jeanne Fox, Beth Alwis, Emily Renshaw, Suzanne Dennison, Lara Gee, Sarah Knights, Tiger Optics / Lee Hilse, Angela Bishop, Rachel Riley, Jo Kennedy and Naomi Barker.

Our more recent and also longer-term sponsors:

Bupa, Schroders global technology team, Harrington Starr, Cielo, Blue Box Storage, Matrix Booking, Dogsbody IT … and many more.

Our wonderful supporters both on social media, and behind the scenes:

Tracy Sacks, David Trice, Kim Tottem, Wendy Shand, Nadia Edwards-Dashti, Nick Dennes, Lisa Kim MacLaren, Brad Welland, Andy Johnson, Mony Yip, Ola Alimi, everywoman, Recruit for Spouses / Heledd Kendrick, RARUK Automations, Samtaler / Sarah Stone, Crowd Global Marketing Agency / Emma Glazier / Jamie Sergeant, Dan Benton, Dan McNamara, Tiim Kyle, Kieran Murphy, Diana Kennedy, Brogan O’Neil (Bo), Claire Chapman, Rachel Harrison-Smith, Eleanor Sim, Paula Laccourreye Matamala, Duncan West, Shin-Tsyi Yang, Geoff Ansell, Claire Hudson (Lancashire County Council), Liz and Tim Dodwell, Akua Opong, Sanjeev Bhavnani, Stephanie Philips, Steph Wight, Sam Shallcross, CC Hall, Character First / Emma Martin, STEM Ambassador South East Hub, Peter Rossi, Kathryn Eades, Ajay Sharman, Jon Coleman, Queen Mary’s College (QMC) Basingstoke and everyone else who has supported us this year and beyond.

And finally thank you to all all the children, who are our focus - the tech innovators of the future - and the amazing schools they attend, including:

Twesedown Infant School, Church Crookham Junior School, St Piran's School, Brockenhurst C of E Primary School, Velmead Junior School, St Michaels C of E Primary School, Dogmersfield Primary School, Evendons Primary School, Redriff Primary School, Cove Infants School, Lakeside Primary School, Bromley High Junior School, Five Islands Academy, Potters Gate Primary School, Guillemont Junior School, Montgomery Junior School, St Barnabas CE Primary School, Kirk Sandall Junior School, Cheam Common Infant School, Cove Junior School …

… and of course everyone else who has encouraged and supported us!

Bring on 2024, when we’ll be extending our content to the full primary school age range, and developing new content for secondary schools too!!

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