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Teacher prep materials for Bupa Coding Day are now live!

📣 Calling all schools who have signed up for our Bupa Coding Day on March 13th.... your Year 1-6 teacher prep materials (for ages 5-11) are now live! 🌟

The show is an interactive pre-recorded video designed to be run by yourselves - we have provided all the information we can to help you prepare for, and run, the activities. There are teaching guides, explainer videos, lesson plans and helpful printable resources available on your account dashboard.

All schools with an account on our platform can now logon to see our Healthy Lunch-Bot Coding Adventure prep materials. Please note, the main film is only available on the day itself - Wednesday 13th March! You can access your account via this link:

The preparation materials are available on your account dashboard, so they are accessible for your PPA time. This includes our brand-new content for Years 5 & 6 with AL the Robot 2.0, as well as our recently added Low prep / No prep activity 'Program Yourself' for years 1-4. 

Our other unplugged and online group activities will require some preparation in advance. 

If you haven't yet registered an interest to take part or created an account, now is a great time to sign up! Please do so by following 

And, if you need any assistance with accessing materials, or have any questions regarding Bupa Coding Day please email for support.

Looking forward to March 13th and our 5th Bupa Coding Day, only 4 weeks away! 🌟

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