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Walk the Talk Panel with Schroders

What an amazing event today! Thank you so much to Nadia Edwards-Dashti and our co-panelist’s Simon Schofield, Manu Mathey, and Mary Agbesanwa for their fantastic insight into how everyone can #walkthetalk for Women in Tech!

Also thanks to our host Penny Hope, the Chief of Staff of Global Technology at Schroders, who did a wonderful job of facilitating the panel. Think it was a first for us to have a room full of 180 FinTech professionals and women in tech supporters taking part in our Program Each Other activity for 5-9 year-olds

And enormous thanks to the Tech Adventurers who were advocating for us in the room (Tracy Sacks, Lisa MacLaren, Nick Dennes, Chris Dodwell and David Trice) as well as the many of you supporting us by viewing the live stream!

Amongst the photos you can find our flyer that was also in the goody bags - it tells you all about us, but also three things you can do to right now to walk the talk and inspire the tech innovators of the future:

1) Sponsor a coding adventure event at a school - either yourself or through your company. It costs £360 and the link is:

2) Volunteer to help - start by picking a school we can bring one of our coding adventures too, and help facilitate this;

3) Talk to us about developing a new adventure - we are looking for funding for new inspirational coding adventures, we’d love to hear if your organisation would like to help!

Check out our main website if you would like more details! #getwiththeprogram #womenintech #coding #education #codingadventures

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