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We rise together, back to the Moon and beyond

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

"We rise together, back to the Moon and beyond"

Congratulations to NASA on the launch of the Artemis I programme! We're living in the next age of space exploration, 50 years since the last human walked on the lunar surface. After a couple of false starts, Orion completed it's 26-day mission to orbit the Moon with the capsule safely returning to Earth on 12/12/22.

Get with the Program celebrates the success of the NASA Artemis I mission

Although this was a test run, Commander Moonikin Campos (named after Arturo Campos, electrical engineer credited for helping the Apollo 13 astronauts on their safe return to Earth), a manikin, sat in the commander's seat wearing an Orion Crew Survival System suit. The suit was equipped with sensors to record radiation, acceleration and vibration data which will be used to help protect crews of future missions as NASA builds towards manned space flights and ultimately a landing on the Moon with the vision of exploring the possibility of human life existing in space.

"We go back to the Moon to learn to live, to work, to invent, to create, in order to go on out into the cosmos to further explore", Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator.

The whole mission was captured on film from lift off to splash down in the Pacific with such clarity that at times felt like footage from a sci-fi film!

At Get with the Program, we've been avidly watching the mission and can't wait to share news of this exciting achievement with children in our next Moon Landing Coding Adventure!

If you missed any of the mission, relive the highlights with this awesome footage:

Image Credit: Orion Capsule images shared from NASA Instagram Post

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