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- book launch
15th March 11am - 12 noon

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How can I walk the talk?

Please join this fantastic book launch and panel discussion about gender diversity in tech on Tuesday 15th March 11am – 12 noon, either in-person or via live-stream at Schroders HQ in the city of London.


Nadia Edwards-Dashti’s book, “FinTech Women Walk the Talk” discusses how we can make a difference by finding tangible actions we can take, rather than just talking about it.


Why not start (or continue) walking the talk yourselves by listening to the panel discussion, and being inspired to choose the next steps in your gender diversity journey? 


Get with the Program’s very own CEO and Founder, Jeni Trice, has been invited to join the panel to discuss how we create inclusive and diverse shows that inspire ALL children to be the tech innovators of the future – even from the age of 5 upwards!

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